American Theological Library Association

Logo + Brand Identity


Group was tasked with:
Naming, Brand Identity, Website Design and Development
2018 — 2019

  • In-depth Logo Concepting Phase
  • Thorough Naming Process

Team: Joey Tackett, Corey Jones, Sara Tetreault


We worked with Atla, formerly known as the American Theological Library Association, to completely rebrand and launch their website. Atla is committed to advancing the study of religion and theology as a membership association with 800 members, including librarians and information professionals, and as a producer of research tools.


Our team helped them build on these established brand opportunities by assessing the current brand experience through the lens of their team and their key audiences and established their position in the current landscape of similar organizations.

A key part of this process was conducting brand perception testing with key audiences, extensive comparator and competitor analysis, and an assessment of Atla’s internal messaging and communications. We developed a set of recommendations based on this research that focused on reimagining Atla’s brand identity and experience.

Logo + Brand Visual System

As a 73-year-old organization, the logo and supporting brand visual system had to embody the rich history of the organization, while also creating a timeless icon that is relevant today and into the future. Their audiences are global and span many religions, so the visual treatment had to work well in this global context.

The Connection Grid

The tagline focuses on two core aspects for all of Atla’s work—collecting and connecting. The logo letters are designed with the connection grid, a system of angles, horizontal and vertical lines. The connection grid is used throughout all the brand expressions to nod to these core aspects.

A Scalable System

Our team took a deep dive into all existing brand uses to develop a five-tier brand system that promotes this initiative-level uniqueness and personality, while creating a scalable and consistent visual system. The system design relied on a strong collaboration between our team and the Atla team and shows smart visual design choices that position all initiatives to strategically use the new brand.

Brand Standards

We prepared a detailed brand standards tool that empowers the Atla team to work with the brand, including guidelines to create brand visuals that work within the system. The connection grid, which is the base for the logo and visual system, and the spacing system is based on a proportional approach, making it easy to size and place the visuals with ease. The document also covers brand messaging and positioning.