American Jazz Museum 

Brand and Website


Group was tasked with:
Full Rebrand and Website Design 

  • Full Brand 
  • Logo
  • Typography
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Various Collateral
  • Website Design

Team Members: Corey Jones, Joey Tackett, Sara Tetreault, Christine Perlick, Courtney Blair


We gathered input from a wide variety of audiences around the United States to determine their awareness of the museum, attitudes toward jazz, and overall concepts associated with the genre. People from all the 18th and Vine community and the country responded to our survey. We learned that people connect with jazz music because it gives them a feeling of excitement and vibrancy and brings to mind the specific history of the 18th and Vine neighborhood. This is the foundation of the brand and we wanted to imbue that into all of the elements of the new visual system.

We first produced new brand standards that we leveraged to create both digital and physical assets that helped AJM build out its physical space and start to extend to its virtual presence. 

We maintained a very strong relationship with the client and helped further their brand through a brand new Webflow site. AJM had a very limited budget, but our team was determined to help further AJM's mission and continue working with such an amazing client team. So, Webflow offered the unique opportunity to create a visually stunning experience at a fraction of the price. 


  • Somewhat limited budget

The Design Plan

This project was all about collaboration. It was pretty easy to get inspired about representing what jazz means to America, as well as to the community of Kansas City – so a lot of care and attention went into trying new things, pinging ideas around within the team rapidly, and really getting to the heart of what the brand expression could be. 


The client was moved to tears (literally) multiple times throughout both of these projects. As a team we fully gained the client's trust and AJM virtually gave us full creative control over the design of this website.